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Shan-gri-la Prehistoric Park & Charitable Foundation


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak Shangrila Prehistoric Park is suspending all on site tours of the park until further notice. Drive by viewing of the park is encourged and welcomed if you need to get the kids out of the house for a break.

The website will be updated once on site tours are reinstated.

Steve and his staff appreciate your understanding and patience with this change of schedule. It is made for the safety and wellbeing of our vistors and staff.

Welcome to the Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park Charitable Education Foundation

Free Viewing

the dinosaur house at dusk with three large dinosaurs lit by soft lighting

The park is free to the public. Ring the bell and if Dinoman Steve is available, he will give you a personal tour and present you with your free dinosaur! Ring the bell to see!

Check out our Facebook page for hours. Park Hours

Prehistoric News

Something to Roar About!!!

Thank you to Jason's Deli in Henderson, NV for providing meals for our Halloween volunteers and awesome coupons for the kids!! We are so appreciative of your support.

Be sure to check out Jason's Deli for Sandwiches, Salads and so much more!!

The words Jason's Deli, written in white on a red oval background, outlined in yellow.

Dino Swag

Each vistor will receive a gift for visiting the park!! Wear your dino gear when visiting the park and get double dino prizes for visiting!!

The Dinomobile

the dinosaur man sitting in his fully wrapped decorated car covered with jungle and dinosaurs
DinoMobile Gallery on Facebook

If you live in Henderson you've probably seen the Dinomobile around town. When you see the Dinoman out in public just yell, "Hey Dinoman!" and you will get a free dinosaur, every time!

Our Mission

A young person dressed in a spiderman costume of red and blue, crouched on top of a giant tortoise statue ready to jump into action.
Halloween 2019 Gallery

Teaching about the past to preserve the present and protect the future. As a Charitable and Education Foundation, smiles are our profit!


a large brownish
                 two-legged dinosaur standing upright with a long tail, long neck and crest
                 off the back of its head
Herbivorous (Plant Eater)
Canada, USA
Late Cretaceous, 76-74 million years ago
Fun Facts:
The Parasaurolophus is believed by scientists to be both bipedal and quadrapedal, which means it could run on two or four legs, depending on if it was eating, or running away from meat-eaters!