The Dinosaur House

About the Dinoman

Dinoman Steve Springer is a retired school teacher from the Clark County School District with a passion for dinosaurs, education and making people smile.

Established in 2006, Dinoman Steve strives to educate visitors on prehistoric creatures and events, while showing the relationship to what is presently occuring in our world. The mission of the Dinosaur House is to provide smiles and joy to all visitors.

The Dinosaur House is currently home to 62 dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.

the dinosaur house at dusk with three large dinosaurs lit by soft lighting

The Dinomobile

If you live in Henderson you've probably seen the Dinomobile around town. When you see the Dinoman out in public just yell, "Hey Dinoman!" and you will get a free dinosaur, every time!

the dinosaur man sitting in his fully wrapped decorated car covered with jungle and dinosaurs

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach about the past to preserve the present and protect the future. As a Charitable and Education Foundation, smiles are our profit!

Prehistoric Creatures

The Dinosaur House isn't just about dinosaurs, it is about prehistoric creatures too. And, let's be honest, creatures of all sorts. For example, did you know that a Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur? It is actually a flying reptile. See? You've already learned something!

the dinosaur man sitting in his fully wrapped decorated car covered with jungle and dinosaurs
DinoMobile Roof

Always Changing

Much like the world today, the Dinosaur House is constantly changing. Be sure to stop by as the seasons change, because the Dinosaur House most certainly will! If you come by today, you may not recognize "Pete" after his makeover!

The head of Pete the Postosuchus smiling for his closeup, mouth open, showing all his teeth.
Pete the Postosuchus

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